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The easy way to optimize the UX and UI of your mobile apps. Designed for customer-centric product teams that want to see through the eyes of their users.

Have the power of clear UX intelligence at your fingertips

Gather the right information and take the right decisions - at the right time.

Screen recordings

Simply shake your device to start recording the screen of your app.

Screenshot collaboration

Identify bugs quickly and work collaboratively to fix them.

Front-facing camera recording

See the reaction on people’s faces and get direct feedback.

Collect data and manage it


See the overall use of your application. Test the use of new features quickly.

Security options

Put your mind at ease when you send your specific use-cases to other stakeholders.

Different quality videos

You can choose to have the recordings in HD or lower, in case of lower internet speed.


Use the Beta User Research framework for mobile builds that are currently under development.
Video recording of the user session – front face camera and the mobile screens
Screenshot submissions with UX/UI problems


Use the End User Research framework for mobile apps that are live on the AppStore or Google Play.
Currently not supported
Screenshot submissions with UX/UI problems as feedback from the end user
Heatmaps - automatically gathered

See exactly how it works

Everything you need to succeed, in one dashboard:

  • Create an organization and invite all your colleagues
  • Have all your different applications in the same place
  • Start collaborating in a quick and efficient manner
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UX Designers

You can quickly and efficiently start to assemble focus groups to test different hypothesis. The best part - they can be anywhere in the world.

UI Designers

Get the best ideas on how to build the right interface. Depending on your user’s feedback come up with designs for real world scenarios.


Visually know what you need to code and where to do it in order to quickly finish all your work and squash any pesky bugs.


Easily report any bug you find. No need to waste time writing in plain text what you have encountered and attach uneditable screenshots.

Project Managers

Feel the pulse of the entire team’s work and roadmap. Identify any blockers or opportunities that could arise at any stage in the process.

Product Managers

Have a clear picture of the product. Know how your focus groups respond and quickly decide on what action to take going forward.
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